Google Map of Facilities and Trainers


  • Tammie Rogers
    DarnFar Ranch
    Brownstown, IL

    (618) 427-3333 Lessons, clinics, stock rental and trials
    Facilities include small pens, arenas and open fields, up to 13 acres. commercial hair sheep and ducks. Located just off I-70 in south central Illinois, we offer lessons, stock/field rental, clinics and trials. 

  • Wendy Peters  
  • Claycreekfarm
     845 220th St. Aledo, IL
     Aledo, IL
      A variety of fields and courses set up for AHBA trials.
      Host a few trials each year. Occasionally have stockdog clinics. 



  • Mary Lou Hayden
    Dogwood Farm
    Williamsport Indiana

    Facility: We have many work areas ranging from small work pens, an HT arena, a PT course, an A course, and others areas up to a 12 acre B course set up.
    Livestock: Currently we have 120 hair sheep (barbados/katahdin mixes) of all personalities ranging from well dogbroke school sheep to very light barely dog broke yearlings. We also have Indian Runner Ducks to work. Occasionally we have access to cattle for experienced dogs to work. We can custom design your experience to fit your needs ranging from stock rental to detailed lessons, to custom clinics for your organizations.
    Contact: dogwood@iquest.net 
    Website: www.dogwoodfarmherding.com 

  •  Ferreh Hiatt
    Honey Creek Farm / Stockdog University
    Muncie,  Indiana

    Facility includes 2 - 40' round pens for training, 50x70 pen, 100x100 duck arena / HT field, 150x250 sheep arena with sorting pens, 150x250 cattle arena with sorting pens, and several larger fields over 5 acres.  Commercial hair sheep (ranging from dog broke to very light), Indian Runner ducks, and cattle available for trials, clinics, and training.  Facility is growing to include covered 60' training pen and fenced alleyways. 

  • Contact: ferreh@stockdoguniversity.com

      Website: www.stockdoguniversity.com    

  • Karen Newhall
Shady Creek Herding
2764 S Bird Sanctuary Road, Connersville, IN 47331 

All breed training available, stock rental, lessons, clinics, etc.

Stock:  Sheep and ducks.
Shady Creek Herding offers a herding experience for inexperienced dogs and handlers as well as dogs that have experience.  We can start dogs for general ranch work on sheep.  Shady Creek Farm raises commercial Katahdin sheep and has several groups to herd with.  We primarily work with Border Collies but welcome all herding breeds.  We offer facility and stock rental to qualified individuals for training and practice.  Our farm is 26 acres with 4 joined pastures (3-6 acres each), a small starting pen and indoor arena.




    • Alison Burnidge
      Franklin, Kentucky

      Facility / Livestock Type – Sheep – We currently have 30 hair sheep (barbado/ katahdin crosses). We are still developing the farm, but we have 7.5 acres. We have a few small working areas (30 x 40). We have minimal size PT (100 x 200) and HT (100 x 100) fields and an A-field set-up (122 x 225). We have three Belgian Tervuren’s and the stock is typically comfortable with upstanding breeds.  
      Phone: 270-586-0163 (evenings); 270-745-0713 (days)


    • Turkey Run Farm
      Adriana Plum
      Eminence, Kentucky

      Facility - Various size areas to work small to trial size and larger.
      Training help is available if needed.
      Livestock type - Katahdin sheep, ducks and a few calves.

      contact info: a driana@turkeyrunfarm.com
      web address: www.turkeyrunfarm.com

      tel. 317-418 6569  



    • Diane Wright
      13535 6 1/2 Mile Road
      Battle Creek, MI 49014
      Facililty/Livestock: Large unfenced pastures, with grazes marked. Flock of cross-bred hair sheep.
      Email: diwri@yahoo.com 
      Phone: 269.979.0209




    • Carey or Leslie Rechtzigel
      Rosemount, Minnesota

      Facility - Various size areas to work small to trial size and larger.
      training help is available if needed
      Livestock type - we have cattle, sheep (mostly hair sheep) and ducks 
      contact info: rexaussies1@aol.com 
      web address http://rexaussies.homestead.com/ 




    • Larry Painter
      Cleveland, MO

      60 x 152 indoor arena; small pens, arena size pen, open field pens,
      chutes, obstacles provided upon request.
      Sheep, cattle, goats and ducks to work
      Larry & Marilyn Painter


    • Tracy Parciak
      RottiEwe Farm Herding & Training Facility
      15220 Colby Lane Wright City MO 63390, Located just off Hwy I-70
      Many working areas that include a control/round pen, AKC A course for Sheep 150x215 and Ducks 50x100
      Free standing pen in a large field, B Course for ducks, holding pens, 100x100 field, and an additional  125x215 Field
      Mixed breed flock of Katadin, Dorper & St Croix Sheep and Purebreed Call Ducks
      Facility is available for Training and Rental.   Fully set up for AKC, AHBA, and ASCA trials, clinics and private training
      E-Mail:  parciak@centurytel.net 
      Website:  rottiewefarm.com and you can find us on Face Book




    • Ellen Schwab
      Aunt Ellen's Farm
      Junction City, Ohio (one hour SE of Columbus)

      gentle cattle, flighty sheep, pocket goats, docile ducks, and feisty geese
      various size pens and fields, rolling terrain, lots of shade and cool creek  


    •  Kelly Malone
      Karma Performance 
      14980 Marshallville St. NW, Canal Fulton, OH 44614
      330-618-1776 karmasreva@aol.com 
      5 acres, with a 200'x200' trial arena, a 150'x140 test arena, and a 50x50' training pen.
      45+ head of mixed sheep which can be mixed and matched to give you any level of difficulty desired.

      Lessons, rentals, clinics, demos, sheep camps and outside clinicians are all available at Karma Performance.


  •  Tonya Haney
    1388 Lockwood Rd. Barberton, Ohio 44203
    located on 5 acres in Barberton, Ohio, coventry township. Barn is 30X40 with approx 30X20 indoor working area with 10X10 stalls for up close work. 20X40 take pen, 70X80 pen, 2 fields 190X100 & 260X225. Along with access to many unfenced acres. Therapuetic swimming also available (in season) 20X40 inground pool.
    Small flock of predominately Cheviot sheep from heavy to light.
    Instinct Testing, 
    Lessons, Board & train, Swimming

  •  Judi Bigham
    Hado Bar Farm
     324 County Road 1171  Nova, OH  44859

    Since 1989, HADO-BAR FARM has offered All-Breed Stockdog Training, Introduction To Herding clinics, multiple-day clinics with 'guest' clinicians, and a venue for AKC, ASCA, and AHBA stockdog events (including National Specialty events).
        The 55-head flock of hair sheep includes 'school' sheep appropriate for beginner-level training and Test-level competition, as well as sheep suitable for advanced-level training and Trial-level competition.  There is, also, a small flock of ducks available for training.
        HADO-BAR FARM has several fields available for training and events:  a 106' x 152' TEST ARENA;  the 115' x 250' MIDDLE FIELD;  TRINITY DUCK ARENA  (72' x 124');  CAPONE FIELD  (135' x 250');  a 160' x 250'  PRE-TRIAL FIELD;  and a 5-acre PASTURE.  In addition, a small (48' x 52'), indoor arena is available for training in inclement weather.

    • The Spicy Lamb Farm
    6560 Akron Peninsula Road (Off Boston Mills Road), Peninsula, Ohio 44264
    Contact: laura@thespicylamb.com      

    Located in the national park in northeast Ohio, The Spicy Lamb Farm is home of the annual Cuyahoga Valley Sheep Dog Trails in mid-October. We hold May clinics and offer lessons by appointment. For those with trial experience, we will rent you the use of four to six sheep from our Dorset flock for training. We have a 10 acre open field, a 50 foot by 70 foot training pen, a round pen, and an equestrian ring which can also be used.

  • West Virginia

  • Debbie Nosse
    Fairmont, WV
  • We have a round pen, working areas, and open fields, with 30 Katahdin sheep from knee knockers to light, dogged sheep. 



    • Shannon Wolfe
      Magic's Legacy
      W1192 County Road B
      Genoa City, WI
    • At the Illinois Wisconsin  Border   Lessons and custom training for all herding breeds   Over 100 head of sheep offering you various levels of difficulty
      Show site, clinics, duck and sheep demonstrations. 6 different sized arenas and fields


    • Renea Dahms
    • Custer, WI   
    • We are set up for an AHBA HCT with a 50'x50' arena, we also have a 90'x100' with 3 sorting pens (16'x20') that open into both arenas and a 40'x20' holding pen, the entire set up will accomodate ASCA, AKC and AHBA events.  Our flock consists of 20 hair sheep, but is growing.  Ducks may be available in the fall of the year.  Facility includes electric hook up at the arenas.Located in Custer, WI (just East of Stevens Point).  www.defianceaussies.com                 www.pawsitivelyunleashed.com  

  • Kathi L Schwengel
  • Shadowdance Farm
        Saukville, WI   
  • Shadowdance Farm is located in SE Wisconsin approximately 20 minutes north of Milwaukee in Saukville.  Facilities include 40' round pen, 60x98 small arena, 150x275 trial arena, two acre field, other alleyways and smaller pens as well as 60x90 duck arena.  Stock on site:  Katahdin sheep of various personalities from dog broke to flighty, Blue Swede/Buff ducks.