• Larry Sisson
    7820 State Route 4
    Worden,  IL 62002

    (618) 633-1990

  • Kenneth Kuykendall & Joyce Burnham
    Custom Stockdogs
    Steeleville, IL ~ about 60 miles south of St Louis, MO  
    All sizes of training pens and larger fields. Sheep for every level of dog and a good selection of Indian Runner ducks. Cattle when available We conduct herding training clinics both at our facility in IL and other locations in IN, KY and OH. Contact us for references and information about attending clinics, private lessons or hosting a clinic.

    • Wendy Peters  
    •  Claycreekfarm
       845 220th St. Aledo, IL
       Aledo, IL
      16 years experience training a variety of herding breeds, but primarily border collies. Competitive in USBCHA Open trials as well as AHBA trials. Focus on calm,  confident stockmanship.  




  • Karen Newhall
    Shady Creek Herding
    2764 S Bird Sanctuary Road, Connersville, IN 47331 

    All breed training available, stock rental, lessons, clinics, etc.  

    Stock:  Sheep and ducks.
    Shady Creek Herding offers a herding experience for inexperienced dogs and handlers as well as dogs that have experience.  We can start dogs for general ranch work on sheep.  Shady Creek Farm raises commercial Katahdin sheep and has several groups to herd with.  We primarily work with Border Collies but welcome all herding breeds.  We offer facility and stock rental to qualified individuals for training and practice.  Our farm is 26 acres with 4 joined pastures (3-6 acres each), a small starting pen and indoor arena.

    • Tammie Van Deusen
      Muncie, IN
      focus is working with Shelties. Tammy has worked many upstanding breeds and welcomes all herding breeds. Tammy's focus is to work with you as a team to help you build a solid foundation with all your stock work. 
      small round pen, 50x50 pen, 80x100, AKC A course. ranch course. Lessons on Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun

    Iowa area


    • Ann Witte
      Gaelyn Glen Farm
      11708 Capehart Rd. Springfield, NE 68059

      (402) 339-5200 
      Stock: Sheep and Ducks
      Trainer: Ann Witte
      All Breeds: primarily upright dogs (Approved Judge; AKC and AHBA)
      Successfully trialed multiple dogs in AKC, ASCA and AHBA




    • Sherry Moss
      1523 Mays Rd
      Lawrenceburg KY 40342-9552

      (502) 859-5585
      Stock: Sheep
      All breeds with emphasis on upright dogs.
      Training, handling, group and private lessons available.

    • Shelby Cook
      2525 Bondville Road
      Salvisa, KY 40372
      Stock: Sheep
      All breeds with emphasis on upright dogs.
      Training, handling and private lessons. 
      AKC A course arena and large unfenced pastures for working.

    • Tenley Dexter
      Fairplay, KY (winter months)
      All breed stockdog training, group and private lessons 
      clinic list


  • Sean and Sharol Hathaway
    High Reaches Farm
    612 Fuqua Rd.
    ROCKFIELD  KY  42274 




    • Becky Bailie
      Manchester Michigan

    • Gail Winnick
      Perry, MI

      • Diane Wright

      Diane Wright

      13535 6 1/2 Mile Road
      Battle Creek, MI 49014

      13535 6 1/2 Mile Road
      Battle Creek, MI 49014
      Facililty/Livestock: Large unfenced pastures, with grazes marked for tending/border work/AKC C Course work... no course set up. Flock of St. Croix-cross hair sheep.
      Tending-style evaluations/instinct testing, tending lessons and tending clinics... breeds limited to GSD, Belgians, Briards, Beauceron. Dogs must be mentally mature... no young puppies.
      Tending, Large Flock or AKC C Course work is the type of herding historically done by European herding breeds, German Shepherds, Briards and Belgians and differs from the work done by BCs. I have trained & trialed an AKC Herding Champion GSD from A Course (sheep) & Herding CH GSD from C Course.
      Email: Email preferred.











  • Judi Bigham
    324 County Road 1171
    Nova , OH

    (419) 652-3647


  • Kelly Malone
  • Karma Performance 
    14980 Marshallville St. NW, Canal Fulton, OH 44614
    5 acres, with a 200'x200' trial arena, a 150'x140 test arena, and a 50x50' training pen.
    45+ head of mixed sheep which can be mixed and matched to give you any level of difficulty desired.

    Lessons, rentals, clinics, demos, sheep camps and outside clinicians are all available at Karma Performance.
  • Gayle Garrison
  • Garrison Farm Herding Lessons
    Wilmington, Ohio
    Fenced competition area suitable for AKC/ABHA competition prep
    100 foot round pen
    2 acre fenced work area
    8 acre fenced work area
    Sheep and ducks available
    Gayle Garrison
    on Facebook as Garrison Farm Herding Lessons


  • Ellen Schwab
    Aunt Ellen's Farm
    Junction City, Ohio (one hour SE of Columbus)
    gentle cattle, flighty sheep, pocket goats, docile ducks, and feisty geese
    various size pens and fields, rolling terrain, lots of shade and cool creek



  • Marie Murphy
    Diamond Aire Kennels
    Hager City, WI
    all herding breeds

  • Shannon Wolfe
    Magic's Legacy
    Genoa City, WI
     Custom training of all herding breeds.

    Show site, clinics, duck and sheep demonstrations.

  • John Wentz
    N6042 Fox Glen rd
    Portage, WI 53901

    All herding breeds, lessons, lessons at your site for you and your friends.
    Started dogs and puppies sometimes available.